Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates (JAG) provides specialized support for students who are up against difficult barriers that limit them from reaching graduation and career goals. We pair students with a JAG Specialist who provides group and individualized instruction to help students earn their high school degree, secure a quality job, and/or pursue post-secondary education. Through early intervention including classroom instruction, counseling, employability skills development, and job placement services, our program has seen a 99% graduation rate and 95% full-time job placement rate.

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We Provide Educational Support and Success Strategies for Alabama’s Highest At-Risk Students

There are thousands of Alabama students who face stifling challenges on a daily basis. Homelessness, basic reading deficiency and incarcerated parents are just a few of the 33 barriers that JAG-eligible students battle that are restricting them from earning a high school degree and pursuing their career and educational goals.

  • Child of an incarcerated parent
  • Mother/father did not graduate from high school
  • Economically disadvantaged as defined by Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) or free lunch
  • Past record of excessive absences as verified by school officials
  • Lacks motivation or maturity to pursue education or career goals
  • Limited English proficiency

  • Basic skills deficient (reading and math in particular)
  • Homeless

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Helping Every Alabama Student Graduate with Opportunity

We Believe In Empowerment and Opportunity Through Education

The lifetime cost of one dropout to taxpayers is $292,000 and an incredible future potential that is unrealized. This is unacceptable. In the 2016-2017 school year, public and private partners provided $1.8 million in funding for JAG programs across Alabama helping 303 out of 308 JAG students reach graduation, secure a meaningful job, and get a strong start in life. That’s a return on investment of $96 million. We can do more for Alabama’s students and we invite you to help us make graduation a reality for every Alabama student.

Breaking Down Barriers To Success

We provide support for the students who are up against difficult barriers that limit them from reaching graduation and their career goals. We pair students with a JAG Specialist and 60 other students all striving towards the same goals: earning a high school degree, securing a quality, entry-level job, and/or pursuing post-secondary education. Our specialists provide individualized instruction to equip each student with the right tools needed to succeed for generations to come.

We Are a Team of Passionate Go-Getters

Educators raise our children as much as parents do. We have over 42 JAG Specialists who pour themselves into caring and investing in children they don’t even call their own. They are a committed group of leaders making a huge impact in their corner of Alabama.

We Don’t Rest On Our Laurels

We currently operate 41 programs serving over 1,600 students statewide, and there is so much room for growth. Yes, we surpass the national averages, and yes, we have a graduation success rate in the 99th percentile, but we fundamentally believe the best is yet to come…

Discover How JAG Has Helped High School Students Achieve Their Goals

Data-Driven Dropout Prevention

Surpassing National Averages Year After Year

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Statistics from the Class of 2021

Programs Designed to Increase Success

Explore the Programs That Lead to a 100% Graduation Rate


Senior Year

The JAG Senior Year Program concentrates on supporting high school seniors most susceptible to dropping out because they are facing 5 or more of the 33 Barriers to Success identified by JAG.


Meet the Educators Helping Lead Alabama

Meet the JAG Specialists

The Stories Behind The Data

Hear From the Students in our Programs

“When I joined JAG I had no idea that it would be such a great impact on my life. I’ve learned leadership skills, communication skills, and business skills. Mostly I learned to believe in myself, and that I am enough.”

– Tori Harrison, Covington County, Straughn High School

JAG Student Voices: Tori Harrison

When I joined JAG I had no idea that it would be such a great impact on my life. I've learned leadership skills, communication skills, and business skills.

JAG Student Voices: Kierra Hood

My name is Kiera Hood and I consider it a pleasure to share with you my thoughts on our JAG theme this year, “Stop the Drop”!


Together We Can Make a Huge Impact

Stories of Success

Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates Receives Prestigious 5 of 5 Award.

Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates once again received the prestigious 5 of 5 Award. The recognition, bestowed by Jobs for America’s Graduates, recognizes the achievements and success of our Alabama JAG programs. Alabama surpassed the national goal in each of 5 key performance goals, including: -Graduation rate of JAG participants -Total civilian job placement and military service -Total full-time employment -Total full-time positive outcomes -Further education rate

Highland Home’s JAG Program Celebrates Successes

Highland Home’s JAG Program Celebrates Successes Highland Home School hosted an installation and Induction ceremony for the school’s chapter of Jobs for America’s Graduates on Oct. 17 and invited members of the community to attend. Leslie Flowers, a JAG specialist, and JAG students used the ceremony as an opportunity to celebrate their progress. “Through JAG, we are changing the lives of these talented students, students that are going to change the world,” Flowers said. “Their hard work has built this program. This is a big step for us and our community as we are building a reputation that HHS JAG is producing work-ready and college-ready young adults” The 2022 national average for high school graduation was 84%. The graduation rate for Alabama JAG students was 100%, a statistic Flowers is proud to achieve. “These numbers show that we have 16 more high school graduates per 100 compared to the rest

JAG Winners Meet the Governor

JAG National Winners Meet the Governor and Key State Officials In addition to the lights and glamour of winning national acclaim at the recent National Career Development Conference, winners also had a chance to meet with key state officials, including the governor in early June. Alabama JAG could not be more proud of these tremendous young people for their achievements. The future is as bright as their hope.  

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