2018 Cherokee County JAG Banquet, Initiation and Installation Ceremony

The Cherokee County JAG program held their annual JAG Banquet on Thursday, November 15th at Gadsden State-Cherokee. Delivering the keynote address was recently elected District 39 Alabama State Representative Ginny Shaver. Shaver shared about an influential teacher she had in high school and discussed with the students on the importance of setting goals.

Also in attendance was Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Vice President of the Alabama State Board of Education, Cherokee County School Superintendent Mitchell Guice, and Cherokee County Career Technical Director Brett Keasler.

Every year, the Cherokee County JAG program develops, plans, and carries out this event to display what JAG is all about and show family, friends, and community leaders the important role JAG plays in their lives.

The Cherokee County JAG Program consists of 5 feeder schools with 1.5 hour class blocks, so each class block has a unique leadership team as shown below.

Cherokee County JAG Student Leadership 
Jacobia Hood (2nd block)
Kaylee Rogers-Lee (3rd block)
Catlin Wright (4th block)

Hope Cothran (4th block)
Breonica Edgeworth (2nd block)
Hannah Rahe (3rd Block)
Kirsten Rountree (3rd block)
Shadow Solano (2nd block)

Shady Duke (3rd block)
Brooke McDuff (4th block)

Gavin Knight (3rd block)
Connar Moore (2nd block)
Katlyn Rooks (4th block)

Leadership Development Chair: Kaydence Hughes

Career Development Chairs: Alanna Huskey and Haven Vaughn

Social Awareness Chair: Kayla Reynolds

Civic Awareness Chair: Thomas Kennon

Service Learning Chair: Macie Smith

(Above) Secretaries Shady Duke & Brooke McDuff

(Above) President Kaylee Rogers-Lee and Alabama State Board of Education Vice President, Dr. Cynthia McCarty

(Above) JAG Specialist Amanda Lee and Alabama State Representative Ginny Shaver

(Above) Officers taking their oath of office

(Above) Career Association members taking their oath of membership

(Above) Career Association Leadership

(Above) Caltin Wright, Shadow Solano, Kaylee Rogers-Lee, Breonica Edgeworth, and Jacobia Hood

(Above left) Historian Connar Moore
(Above right) Representative Ginny Shaver

Ushers Zack Marler, Joseph Wilson, and Connar Moore

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