Brewer High School Students Help One Another Through The Love Project

By Maddie McCaffrey

A special program at one Morgan county school ensures students have what they need when classes start back in three weeks.

It’s called The Love Project.

It’s a project at Brewer High School where any student is able to get clothing or hygiene supplies they may need. The clothes and hygiene items are kept in a closet available to all students. Signs for The Love Project are posted throughout the school. Students are able to scan the QR code to discreetly make requests for any clothing or hygiene item they may need.

JAG Program Teacher Jill Faulkner oversees The Love Project and said, “I always keep extra things in my closet. I coach here too, so I always have things laying around. So it just happened to be that if someone needed something, they would come to me. So that’s how we came up with the idea, we sat around and brainstormed and realized that we really needed something here at the school for students in need.”

2023 Brewer High School graduates, Emma Morgan and Abbi Chappell, are the students who made The Love Project a reality. Their efforts have helped many students in need.

Emma Morgan said, “It’s helped me see, kids really do go through stuff every day and some people don’t have the joy of having clothes in their hands. People lose stuff every day, they don’t have deodorant, they don’t have toothbrushes. So knowing that people can come to us and they can have that is really what made it for me.”

Abbi Chappell said, “We have had a bunch of people come to us in the wintertime. They don’t have a warm coat, it’s cold, you may have spilled something at lunch on you.”

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