Joint Leadership Development Conference (JLDC)

With over 5,000 students, educators, industry leaders, administrators and counselors attending, Alabama’s Joint Leadership Development Conference is the largest non-athletic joint gathering of students in the South Eastern United States for an educational purpose. 

The goal of JLDC is to build Alabama’s College+Career-Ready workforce with employability skills, leadership training, exposure to Alabama’s career opportunities, and increased knowledge of CTE+CTSO opportunities.

JLDC 2018 Highlights (photos provided by ALSDE)

North District Career Development Conference

March 5, 2019 - Florence, AL

Check out photos from our 2018 North District Career Development Conference!
North District Career Development Conference Highlights

South District Career Development Conference

March 11, 2019 - Prattville, AL

Check out photos from our 2018 South District Career Development Conference! South District Career Development Conference Highlights

State Career Development Conference

April 9, 2019 - Birmingham, AL

Join us for the 2019 JAG State Career Development Conference featuring keynote speaker Stephen Mackey! This year's theme is Post Your Success, so make sure to use #JAG to share your excitement and conference experience on social media!

From high school football teams to high-profile conferences, Stephen Mackey brings an empowering, inspiring, and equipping message to audiences of all backgrounds. Bi-racial and born to a teenaged mother, Mackey beat the odds to become a first-generation college graduate character development coach, motivational speaker, and most importantly, husband and daddy.

Drawing from his own life story and the stories of people he meets across the country, Mackey has an uncanny ability to authentically connect with his audience through humor, wisdom, and passion, and usher them to the next level of character and performance. Despite the odds being stacked against him, Mackey’s life was changed by the coaches and mentors in his life, who challenged him to “Take responsibility. Period.” for his life. 

This single challenge has fueled everything Mackey has done in his life, and is the foundation of his work today. On almost any given day, you can find Mackey in a locker room, school auditorium, or event stage, challenging and equipping people to take responsibility and change their lives. Whatever your event, you can be sure that when Mackey speaks, people listen and lives are changed!

Check out photos from our 2018 State Career Development Conference! 
State Career Development Conference Highlights