Governor Ivey Hosts Reception For JAG Specialists

On July 24, 2018, Governor Kay Ivey hosted a reception for the dedicated Instructors of Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates at the Governor’s Mansion in Montgomery. JAG Specialists from across the state joined together for refreshments, photos, and conversation with Governor Ivey as she showed her appreciation and encouragement for all that they have done and will continue do in the lives of the young people they lead. Alabama State Superintendent Eric Mackey was also in attendance showing his support for the program and the educators leading the way to a brighter future for Alabama.

Governor Kay Ivey has always championed the need for children to get a quality education. She understands that children are not responsible for the parents they are born to or the zip code they live in. No governor in the history of our state has done more to level the playing field for children with barriers to success than Governor Ivey. She is responsible for Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates receiving the largest increase in funding since its inception in 1996. And she is not done yet!

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