JAG Education Specialists

Our Team Of Difference Makers
Alabama JAG Specialists are dedicated to providing our students with steadfast support by delivering an array of counseling, employability skills, job development and placement services as well as exploration into post-secondary educational opportunities. 
Specialists share a passion for championing students so they can overcome barriers and achieve their career and educational goals. 

Alabama JAG Headshots-65

Attalla City
Etowah High School
Stacy Jones

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Blount County
Blount County Career Tech Center
Deanna Jones

Alabama JAG Headshots-22

Conecuh County
Conecuh County Schools Workforce Development Center
Tiffany Nettles

Alabama JAG Headshots-18

Crenshaw County
Brantley High School
Roland Jones

Alabama JAG Headshots-58

Franklin County
Phil Campbell High School
Tina King

Alabama JAG Headshots-8

Henry County
Headland High School
Jennifer Wright

Alabama JAG Headshots-42

Lauderdale County
Lauderdale County High School
Bob Grisham

Alabama JAG Headshots-38

Montgomery County
MPACT (Montgomery Preparatory Academy for Career Technologies)
Tandrea Elmore

Alabama JAG Headshots-26

Blount County
Blount County Career Tech Center
Angie Leimbach

Alabama JAG Headshots-4

Butler County
Butler County Career Academy
Joe Arnold

Alabama JAG Headshots-20

Covington County
Red Level High School
Tony Ingram

Alabama JAG Headshots-24

Dallas County
Keith High School
Patricia Mingo

Alabama JAG Headshots-14

Geneva County
Samson High School
Traci Tillman

Alabama JAG Headshots-46

Madison County
Madison County Career Technical Center
Ronnie Blair

Alabama JAG Headshots-10

Morgan County
Morgan County Technology Park
Brooke Hudson

Alabama JAG Headshots-56

Russell County
Russel County High School
Samantha Shoup

Alabama JAG Headshots-33

Blount County
Blount County Career Technical Center
Nancy Caffee

Alabama JAG Headshots-2

Butler County
Butler County Career Academy 
Michelle Myrick

Alabama JAG Headshots-53

Covington County
Straughn High School
Whitney Geohagan

Alabama JAG Headshots-32

Dallas County
Southside High School
Barbara Barge

Alabama JAG Headshots-12

Geneva County
Geneva County High School and
Slocomb High School
Stephanie Thomas

Alabama JAG Headshots-44

Lauderdale County
Wilson High School
Linda Quigley

Alabama JAG Headshots-50

Marion County
Phillips High School
Mike King

Alabama JAG Headshots-27

Tuscaloosa City School System
Tuscaloosa City Success Prep/STARS Academy
Kim Haverkampf

Alabama JAG Headshots-30

Blount County
Blount County Career Technical Center
Rosa Noles

Alabama JAG Headshots-40

Cherokee County
Cherokee County Career Tech Center
Amanda Lee

Alabama JAG Headshots-62

Crenshaw County
Highland Home High School
Scott Donaldson

Alabama JAG Headshots-47

Fairfield City
Fairfield High Preparatory School
Linda Steele

Alabama JAG Headshots-60

Hale County
Hale County College & Career Academy
Monica Bates

Alabama JAG Headshots-36

Lauderdale County
Central High School
Mike Curtis

Alabama JAG Headshots-6

Monroe County
Monroe County Career Tech Center
Tiffany Blackwell

Alabama JAG Headshots-15

Wilcox County
Wilcox Central High School
Stephanie Mosley