JAG Student Voices: Catlin Wright

“I started JAG in August 2017. Over the past year, Mrs. Lee has made an amazing impact on my life as she continues to impact us all. I feel loved and honored to be in this class. I have learned so much about jobs, filling out applications and other forms, how to get and keep a job, and how to be courteous and polite to people. JAG has helped me get over the fact that people get abused, hurt, and disappointed in life but you have to get up and try again. When life knocks you down, always get up and try again and don’t be a product of your circumstances. JAG has taught me a lot about life and how it is not always easy and sweet. I never thought JAG would change my life as much as it has or how much Mrs. Lee would impact my life. JAG is family. JAG is home.”

Catlin Wright
Cherokee County
JAG Senior

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