Lauderdale County JAG Program Grows by 110 Students

The Lauderdale County School system’s JAG program grew by 110 new student inductees!

Craig Collins, education administrator for the Alabama State Department of Education (shown above), was the guest speaker for the initiation ceremony.

He told shared an inspiring story of his young daughter’s soccer team that had lost every game of their season until the last, when they played the best team in the league. His daughter’s team came back in the second half of the game to win after being down 2-0 in the first half. The difference in the second half was the wind, he said.

“The wind was at their back that second half,” he said of his daughter’s team. “They had that extra support and they capitalized on it. The worst team in the league beat the best team.”

Collins stressed to the students that they, too, have the wind at their back by way of supportive teachers who want to see them succeed.

“You all have the undivided support of these people, and they’re going to make sure you’re provided with every opportunity to be successful,” he said. “You’ve already made good choices to stay in school and strive for success. Good things can, and will, happen for you.”

Keep up the great work, Lauderdale County!

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