Morgan County Initiation & Installation Ceremony

We recently celebrated the Morgan County JAG Program Initiation and Installation Ceremony. This program will be led by Brooke Hudson and housed at the Morgan County Schools Technology Park.

The Initiation and Installation Ceremony lends that special touch and significant purpose to a Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates chapter. The Initiation and Installation Ceremony brings a sense of privilege and prestige to those becoming members and/or officers.

In attendance was the Vice President of the Alabama State Board of Education Dr. Cynthia McCarty and Alabama State Department of Education’s JAG Administrator and State Manager Craig Collins and Mandy Nichols.

We’re kicking off this year with a strong team of new officers and year of success stories ahead of us!

President: Nathaly Leos
Vice President of Leadership Development and Career Development- Raeanna Glover
Vice President of Civic Awareness and Social Awareness, Lead Historian- Carly Fairbanks
Secretary- Kayla Glover
Historian- Rosie Hamilton

Congratulations to all of our 2018-2019 Jobs for Alabama’s Graduates program members and officers!

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