Phil Campbell High School held its annual Trunk or Treat Oct. 28, and organizers have said it was the biggest yet.
The high school students host the event for the elementary students. Ting King, JAG career specialist and SADD sponsor for the high school, organized this year’s event, along with help from her students and others in the school and community. King said she believes Libby Devaney started the tradition in 2017 or 2018. “We filled right at 50 spaces,” explained King. “This was my first year to organize it,” she added, noting she had a lot of help along the way. “My students and I put a lot of thought into making this the biggest event to date. We decided it was a great opportunity for us to make it a community event.
“The bright smiles on the faces of the children made all the hard work totally worth it.”

She said the elementary students were “so surprised” by how big this year’s event was. Many of them ran out of
room in their treat bags and began filling their hats or anything else they could find with their goodies. King said the event was a true team effort. “Since we decided to make it a community event, we had various clubs, organizations and teams participating. I had students showing up left and right wanting to participate,” she added. “I was so humbled by the amount of support we received from our administration, faculty and the community as a
whole. “It took the support of everyone involved to make this event happen and be the huge success that it was.”

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