The lifetime cost to taxpayers of one dropout is $292,000. The cost to society is one youth whose incredible future is unrealized. We change this story together through JAG. This informative packet will explain the issue we're facing head-on, our strategy, and our success. 
A Smart Investment in Alabama's Future Packet

To help all students succeed toward graduation, it is helpful to identify the barriers adults need to help them overcome. Barriers to Success Identified byJAG outlines the 33 obstacles students are facing including Academic Barriers, Personal Barriers, Environmental Barriers, and Income and Work-Related Barriers.
Barriers to Success by JAG

This overview of Jobs for Alabama's Graduates shares graduate outcomes, program locations, national comparisons, funding sources, and why school's get involved. 
Alabama JAG Presentation 

JAG'sCurriculum Competencies outline 87 employer validated competencies that capture the expectations of prospective employers of today's graduates. JAG EducationSpecialists work each day to help students achieve and excel in each of these core areas: Career Development, Job Attainment, Job Survival Skills, BasicCompetencies, Leadership and Self-Development, Personal Skills, Life SurvivalSkills, Work Place Competencies, and Economic Empowerment. 
JAG Curriculum Competencies 

JAG recognizes the Internet as an opportunity to extend resources and information consistent with applicable laws governing non-discrimination and diversity as well as copyright infringement. This document outlines the policies we follow to maintain websites with high quality and contributing toward the goals and stated objectives of Jobs for Alabama's Graduates.
Web Posting Policy 

JAG works hard each school-day on campuses across Alabama to help students overcome the barriers to graduation and ultimately succeed in their careers, post-secondary education, and in life. Annually JAG students have the opportunities to extend their learning beyond campus at District and State Competitions to showcase their skills, advance their skills, and prepare for life after graduation. This JAG Competitive Events Manual outlines General Instructions for District and State Conference, Tips for Success, Participant Policies, Guidelines for each career and skill competition, eligibility, and procedures for participation. 
JAG Competitive Events Manual